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Anonymous FTP Instructions

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Microsoft Windows 7 instructions


1. Open a Windows Explorer  (Right click the Windows logo icon (Start Menu) normaly located on the bottom left of your screen)



2. You should now see a popup menu,  choose Open Windows Explorer.



3. In the top of the Explorer window you will need to type in the FTP server information: then press Enter on your keyboard.



4. Your computer will then try to connect to the Hughes Circuits FTP Server. When the connection completes an error window will popup about folder permissions. This is normal and can be ignored (the Internet does not have View permisions to any files or folders on this server.) Press the OK to continue.



5. The FTP connection is now OPEN and waiting for you to drag and drop your files or copy and paste them into this open window.



6. It may take several minutes to complete the file transfer based on the size of your file. When it is completed you may or may not see the icons of the files in the windows. (If you press F5 on the keyboard it will refreash the window and the file will dissapear and the error box about permission will display again.)



7. You are done and may close your Windows Explorer window. 


8. Please call or email your sales represenative and let them know about your file transfer.



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