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Check out our new IPG Photonics, IPG-18317 v3 LaserCube! 

It just added to the Metal Fabrication Division to improve thru-put and to add to our capabilities. 

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  • 4 kW Power fiber laser - IPG Photonics LaserCube 
  • High-accuracy linear motor-driven X&Y-stages & ball screws driven Z in an H-gantry configuration
  • Granite & welded-steel foundation
  • Working area: 1225 mm x 1225 mm (48.2" x 48.2")
  • Maximum Speed: Cutting - 1000 mm/sec (2362 in/min)
  • Accuracy: Positioning Repeatability - ±25 μm (0.001 in) Positioning Accuracy,  < 10 μm (0.0004 in) Repeatability
  • Materials: Stainless/ Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Laminated Foils


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Check out our new Vapor-Phase Soldering Machine! 

It just added to the Assembly Division to improve thru-put and to improve solder joints. 

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The ASSCON’s vacuum soldering process machine combines the average of the vapor-phase with the vacuum process. This process greatly improves the solder joints relative to void formation. Particularly when using lead-free solder. Through the use of the vacuum process, the developing inclusions are extracted before the solidification phase.



  • Soldering of cased power components on printed circuit boards
  • Area reflowing of components on heat-sink plates
  • Soldering of power chips on a base substrate with paste or solder foils
  • Hermetic soldering of high-frequency penetrations
  • Making solder connections of large-area electrical and mechanical components
  • Elimination of voids with through-holes or other leaded connections for components to improve heat sinking
  • Reflowing of large area SMTs or connectors on multilayers
  • Repair of SMTs or conventional connectors in high-multilayers
  • Simultaneous soldering of active and power components
  • Soldering of 3D assemblies


Vacuum soldering process

In the process zone of the vapor-phase soldering machine, the assembly is pre-heated and soldered under inert conditions. The vacuum module is integrated into the process zone. Immediately after completing the soldering process the vacuum module seals the assembly from its environment and starts the evacuation. The negative pressure removes voids and entrapments from the solder which is still in a liquid state. The vacuum module is ventilated and opened again. Subsequently, the product moves through the cooling zone to be unloaded and ready for the next process.

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Check out our new Automatic Flying Probe Tester! 

It just added to the Assembly Division to improve thru-put and to add to our testing capabilities. 

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SPEA sample small 275x320The SPEA 4060 Automatic Flying Probe Tester is a Multi-Mode Dual-sided Probing tester. It was constructed using structural steel in Italy. This tester can be used for Micro-SMDs and flexible circuits as well as the traditional standard circuit boards. 


Key Features

  • DUAL-SIDE FLYING PROBING: Four top-side and two bottom-side moving heads make 4060 S2 able to perform flying probe tests on both sides of the board simultaneously, increasing throughput and test capabilities.
  • Large testing board area: 39.4" x 24"
  • BOTTOM MULTI-PROBE FLYING HEADS: In addition to electrical probes for electrical tests, the two bottom multi-probe flying heads can move high-speed power probes, support rods, hi-res cameras, multi-probes, laser & LED probes, and electro scan probes, covering the most comprehensive test needs.
  • MULTI-MODE PROBING: While using the 4 top-side probes to perform flying probe tests, a bottom moving platform can be used for bed-of-nails fixtures, multiple high-current power supplies, digital I/O, high-speed signals. The dynamic planarity supports allow you to reliably test large and thin boards, avoiding PCB vibrations due to probe strokes.


Video brouchure of the SPEA 4060:

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Check out these 2 new Excellon Drill machines! 

We just added to the PCB Fabrication Division to improve thru-put and to add to our existing capabilities. 

Excellon hs 1l ds

The Excellon HS-1L DS Intelli-Drill is a single station, dual spindle high-speed precision drilling, and routing system. The dual spindle configuration consists of both a high-speed driller spindle and a high torque routing spindle for maximum flexibility. Designed with extended axis travel, the platform is well suited for large panel applications such as backplane drilling. A linear motor drive system, internal layer inspection capability with “best fit” alignment algorithms, and precision depth control are combined on a single platform to meet the demanding requirements of today’s electronics industry.

  • Single station, two spindle precision driller/router
  • Linear motor drive axes for speed and accuracy
  • Precision surface contact depth control
  • Large work area (42” x 32”)
  • Auto-zoom and focus camera system with internal layer inspection capability
  • Advanced multi-point alignment algorithms yielding optimized registration for tight tolerance processes
  • Integrated Data Management System: Maintains internal layer registration data and provides facilities to output custom reports for post analysis and process improvement
  • Easy to use CNC-7 user interface with built-in diagnostic utilities and facilities for remote diagnostic support


Hughes Circuits will be at the International Microwave Symposium IMS 2024, in Washington, DC!

Stop by and see us in person June 18 - 20th at our booth #753


Immerse yourself in the latest advancements in RF and microwave technology at the IMS2024 exhibition, featuring over 500 global exhibitors showcasing their groundbreaking products and services.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center 
801 Allen Y. Lew Place
Washington, DC


Don't forget to stop by and visit us at, booth #753

For more information on the IMS2024, check out their website:



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