Quality is paramount at Hughes Circuits, Inc. (HCI).  We realize that rework and debugging can result in critical time loss and expense when dealing with new product introductions and market leading technologies.  HCI continuously reduces defects thorough its comprehensive failure analysis program and defect reporting.  Every technology has an expected quality level and when it isn’t met, we conduct through failure analysis to determine the root cause and implement preventative measures for the future.  Every product and material non-conformance is documented and periodically reviewed for trends to ensure our product realization processes are optimized for quality.  This has resulted in refined and robust processes which yield excellent results every time.

Quality like you have never experienced.  Since HCI is a fully integrated manufacturer (with complete unified management of PCB Layout, PCB Fabrication, and PCB Assembly) our quality system detects and corrects multi-disciplinary defects.  Many times the appropriate solution to a manufacturing defect is a design change, and often times a subtle difference in manufacturing processing can have a great effect on similar design constraints.  Unlike our competitors, we are able to zoom in on these subtle differences during our failure analysis since we control the entire process design through final assembly.  By combining the separate operations into one working unit, each unit has dramatically increased their understanding of electronics manufacturing.  The total is greater than the sum of their parts.  This has resulted in our customers experiencing a quality unsurpassed by other vendors in their fractionalized supply chain.

Quality is built in through key process parameter controls, operator best practices training, and preventative maintenance of our high technology manufacturing equipment.  All phases of our services have comprehensive quality checks to ensure you get a quality layout, board, and assembly, the first time.

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